V5: Blood Covenant Chapter One

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The Pack is invited to a party, Buck, Layla and Reggie spend time among the licks and bloodbags while Ductus Leone and Priest Payslee have a meeting with a sect Luminary


James Davey as the Gangrel Antitribu Buck. 
Check out James' Psychological Horror RPG 'The Midnight World' at https://www.gemandeyerpg.com/

Rachael Lindman as the Malkavian Antitribu Sister Payslee
Twitter and TikTok: @SuperRatLord

Mo Ferrer as the Ministry Antitribu Layla
Twitter: @Sweetandsourmo and on TikTok: @somoliyay
Duets With Dice: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC225ooZzPu9so512gkemewA

Matthew Malis as the Lasombra Leone
Twitter: @bioimportance

Ryan Josefsberg as the Tzimisce Reggie


Scott Kuban as The Storyteller
Twitter: @divismalkav

Matthew, Ryan and Scott host Polyhedron, a RPG discussion Podcast.
Check it out: http://metahedronstudios.com/polyhedron

Twitter: @polyhedroncast

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