V5: Blood Covenant - Chapter Six

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Layla, Leone and Reggie make are harrowing discovery, The Pack his the town, and Layla and Reggie play the Cuck Game. 


James Davey as the Gangrel Antitribu Buck. 
Check out James' Psychological Horror RPG 'The Midnight World' at https://www.gemandeyerpg.com/

Rachael Lindman as the Malkavian Antitribu Sister Payslee
Twitter and TikTok: @SuperRatLord

Mo Ferrer as the Ministry Antitribu Layla
Twitter: @Sweetandsourmo and on TikTok: @somoliyay
Duets With Dice: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC225ooZzPu9so512gkemewA

Matthew Malis as the Lasombra Leon
Twitter: @bioimportance

Ryan Josefsberg as the Tzimisce Reggie


Scott Kuban as The Storyteller
Twitter: @divismalkav

Matthew, Ryan and Scott host Polyhedron, a RPG discussion Podcast.
Check it out: http://metahedronstudios.com/polyhedron

Twitter: @polyhedroncast

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